Enjoying this wonderful rendition as we enter this advent season...
Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing
Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing  by Sonos


Purse cleanout time: 7 hairbands, one notebook, 3 pens, a luggage tag, swimming goggles, nail polish, luna's vaccination form, oh & 4 chapsticks. #boring
How bad is it to eat a spoonful of rainbow chip icing for dessert?


Days 8&9: family time full of BBQ, dogs running through vineyards, naps, slobbery messes, walking trails, ice cream and good conversation.
Day 7: Counted our mosquito bites then drove through a lava sea. Made it back to Jacksonville in time for a Britt concert.
Day 6: woke up to llamas in the front pasture in Sisters, got a campsite by the lake and hiked 5 miles to a beautiful scenic point.


Day 5: Drove around the rim and then hiked down several hundred feet to the lake inside a crater. Was reminded how fun it is to people-watch in national parks.